Funeral Home Profile

Ronal B. Jones Funeral Home

Our funeral home was founded in Ludlow, Kentucky in 1935 by Raymond P. Catherman and Daniel Bullock. The newly established funeral home located at 254 Latta was known as Bullock and Catherman Funeral Home. It remained this until the untimely death of Daniel Bullock in 1943. After Mr. Bullock’s death, Mr. Catherman became the sole owner and operater of the funeral home, known as Catherman Funeral Home. In 1946, Catherman purchased the Bentley House at 316 Elm Street in Ludlow which is the current location of the funeral home today. In 1947, Ronald Jones was employed by Mr. Catherman as a teenager. In 1953 they partnered and the firm became known as the Catherman & Jones Funeral Home. In 1960, Ronald purchased the firm from Mr. Catherman and the firm remained known as the Catherman & Jones Funeral Home until 1964 when Ron changed the name to Ronald B. Jones Funeral Home.